Franklin Square and Munson Fire District Board of Commissioners, Seat 1

Next Election

Dec 13, 2022

Filing Window

Nov 16, 2022 - Nov 23, 2022


A fire commissioner oversees fire services for a specific jurisdiction. Fire commissioners’ job duties generally are split into two categories—supervision of fire services provided and management of business policies, such as budgets and personnel. At the local level, fire commissioners are typically part of a larger fire commission board. The board sets the mission for the local fire department and individual commissioners are responsible for implementing measures to achieve that mission, as well as the power to levy taxes for fire service provided to the community. This position is a 5-year term.

Application Guidelines
Nassau County has over 1,000 elected offices and is governed by an assortment of offices on the county, municipal, and special district levels. Each of these entities administers their own elections, therefore, they must be contacted directly for election information. If you are interested in running, we strongly suggest calling the district as soon as possible to confirm information. In New York election law any paperwork filed late is considered a "fatal flaw" and the candidacy is nullified. There are general guidelines for district elections, but many districts have elections on unique dates. Please follow the instructions carefully. To file for this position, follow these three steps: 1) Contact the appropriate election administrator to confirm that your registered address qualifies for the position that you intend to run for, that you have the correct election and filing window dates, and that you meet any other qualifications. 2) Pick up the nominating petitions at the elections administrator's office. You should be able to ask questions regarding filing for office and have them clearly answered. If you have any issues regarding questions being answered by a district clerk, please contact the Nassau County Board of Elections at (516) 571-2411. 3) Gather the appropriate number of signatures and filing fee for the office and submit it to the election administrator within the filing window. Please note that these instructions are for an independent candidate. If you would like to run as a candidate of one of the major parties (Democrat, Republican, Green, Working Families, etc.) you will potentially have to adhere to a different timeline so that you can run in the primary. The New York State Office of the Comptroller may be able to help clarify information related to special districts, and we recommend contacting the district directly and if there is no response, consider lodging a formal complaint with the state comptroller.

Submit application to:
Franklin Square and Munson Fire District, 841 Liberty Pl, Franklin Square, NY, 11010, US