Philadelphia City Council Member-At-Large, Seat 5

Employer / Organization

City of Philadelphia

Next Election

Nov 05, 2019

Filing Window

Mar 13, 2019 - Aug 01, 2019


The 17-member City Council has the power to create legislation or taxation (which the Mayor's signature or inaction can enact), to override a Mayor's veto, to enact the Mayor's Operating Budget ordinance (or to move money around in it without increasing the total) and to adopt a Capital Program and a Capital Budget.

Application Guidelines
1.) Check your voter registration at the Philadelphia County Board of Election to make sure you are registered in the district and not registered in a major party (Democrat or Republican). In order to be eligible to be the candidate of a political body or an Independent candidate, one may not be registered and enrolled as a member of a major political party between thirty (30) days before the primary and extending through the general or municipal election of that same year. 2.) Contact the Philadelphia County Board of Election to ascertain the physical requirements for the Nomination Papers as well as any office-specific qualifications, the filing fee and the number of signatures required. 3.) Contact the Philadelphia County Board of Ethics and the Philadelphia County Board of Elections to find out what campaign finance and other reporting laws will apply to you as a candidate. 4.) Circulate Nomination Papers and submit them to the Philadelphia County Board of Elections. NB: Pennsylvania election law is complicated and often based on case history rather than the plain English meaning of the statute. Candidates are often thrown off the ballot as a result of law suits. When in doubt, consult an election lawyer.

Submit application to:
Philadelphia County Board of Elections, 1401 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107, US