State Representative (GA-56)

Next Election

Nov 03, 2020

Filing Window

Jun 22, 2020 - Jun 26, 2020


Made up of 180 members, the Georgia House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Georgia General Assembly. Each member represents about 53,820 residents, serving two year terms not subject to term limits. The Georgia State House has 38 standing committes that range from Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee to the Ways and Means Committee. The House is also constantly working in areas such as education, transportation, economic development, healthcare, and public safety to craft legislation that meets the needs of all Georgians. Primary responsibilities of a Representative include: enacting laws, overseeing programs enacted by the executive branch, holding hearings on policies, allocating funds to pay for the daily workings of the state, and redistricting in collaboration with other Representatives and the Senate. The yearly salary for a Georgian Representative is $17,342.

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the Georgia Secretary of State Office in order to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and to make sure there are no other qualifications which might make you ineligible. 2) Complete the Notice of Candidacy forms including a nominating petition if you plan to run as an independent. The amount of signatures required varies by office. Submit these Notice of Candidacy forms, petitions and a qualifying fee to the Georgia Secretary of State. Note* You can submit petition signatures in lieu of the filing fee. If you plan to run as an independent or for a nonpartisan office, submit these forms to the Georgia Secretary of State, however, if you are planning to run as a party candidate, submit these forms to your declared party. 3) Submit these forms during the week of the first Monday in March if you are running for a position that will appear on the May General Partisan Primary/Nonpartisan Ballot. If you plan to run as an independent or as a minor political body candidate in the November General Election, the filing window is during the week of the fourth Monday in June. If you have any questions please contact the Georgia Secretary of State by phone at 404-656-2881. More information on a position by position basis can be found here: