State Representative (AL-8)

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Nov 08, 2022

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Jan 07, 2022 - Jun 07, 2022


Made up of 105 members, the Alabama House of Representatives is the lower house of the Alabama bicameral State Legislature. Each Alabama State Representative is elected for a 4 year term and represents one of 105 districts each with a population of about 40,000 residents. Like Members of the Senate, State Representatives take office at midnight of the day they were elected. Unlike the Senate, however, all revenue raising legislation must originate in the House. The House has 31 standing committees, which span from agriculture, to public saftey, to ways and means general fund. The Speaker of the House is the preciding officer of the House. Primary responsibilities of a Representative include: enacting laws, overseeing programs enacted by the executive branch, holding hearings on policies, allocating funds to pay for the daily workings of the state, and redistricting in collaboration with other Representatives and the Senate. Alabama State Legislators have a fixed annual compensation for each member at the meian annual household income in the state, making the current rate of compensation $42,830 per year.

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the Alabama Secretary of State Elections Division office to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. Alabama has very specific and detailed campaign finance rules, make sure to consult with the Alabama Secretary of State Elections Division in order to abide by all of the candidate campaign finance guidelines and stipulations. 2) Obtain and complete the required filing papers and submit the required filing papers to the Alabama Secretary of State Elections Division office. These filing papers include the Appointment of Principal Campaign Committee Form, a Statement of Economic Interests, signature petitions and other documents. To run as an independent candidates, a stipulated number of signatures must be collected, submitted and verified by the Alabama Secretary of State Elections Division in order to appear on the ballot. 3) Submit the required filing papers no later than the date of the Alabama primary. (The primary is held on the first Tuesday in March, “Super Tuesday”). If you have any questions please contact the Alabama Secretary of State Elections Division office by phone at (334) 242-7210. For more information see: And the Alabama candidate filing guide: *Please Note: to file as a partisan candidate, the filing deadline is much earlier and the details are different. For more information on how to file as a partisan candidate please contact your prefered party county headquarters.

Submit application to:
Alabama Secretary of State: Elections, 600 Dexter Ave, Suite E-208, Montgomery, AL, 36130, US