Hampshire County Councilor, Cummington

Employer / Organization

Hampshire County

Next Election

May 12, 2020

Filing Window

Jan 01, 2020 - Mar 24, 2020


The Hampshire Council of Governments is a regional government of towns in former Hampshire County. Councilors set priorities, adopt a budget, oversee existing programs, and identify problems shared by their towns that may be amenable to a regional solution. Councilors serve as trustees for the Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust. They provide a quasi-judicial function in tax abatement hearings and road petition hearings. They appoint the executive director.

Application Guidelines
If you would like to be included on the ballot for county office, follow these three steps. 1) Contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office. The office can answer questions regarding nomination papers and other ballot procedures. 2) Arrange to pick up required paperwork. 3) Return your completed paperwork within the designated filing window. Nomination papers must be submitted to the Registrar of Voters for certification of signatures no later than four weeks before the filing deadline.

Submit application to:
Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, McCormack Building, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA, 02108, US