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Nov 08, 2022

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Nov 13, 2021 - Dec 13, 2021


The Governor of Texas is the chief executive of Texas and operates as the highest position of the executive branch within the state. Primary responsibilities of the position include: serving as commander-in-chief of the Texas National Guard, convening the legislature, filling vacant positions through appointment, granting pardons and reprieves (excluding impeachment), and signing and vetoing bills that have been passed by the Texas Legislature. The governor of Texas also has the ability to use line-item veto for bills that relate to appropriations. A line-item veto is also referred to as a partial veto, and pronounces the ability of the governor (in specified appropriation situations) to reverse or cancel specific provisions of a bill without needing to veto the entire legislative proposal. The governor serves a four-year term, with no limit on the number of terms served. The salary of the position is estimated at $150,000 and the governor is provided residence in the form of the Governor's Mansion (located in Austin).

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the Texas Secretary of State to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. 2) Complete the Declaration of Intent to Run and submit the application by the filing window. For the 2016 election, once the run off election following the March 1st primary is over (if held, if not then directly after the primary), independent candidates may start circulating their nominating petitions, which are due to the Texas Secretary of State's office by June 23rd, 2016. Signers of the nominating petition can not have voted in the March primary, and the requirement is 500 signatures to appear for most positions on the ballot. More information can be found here, and potential candidates should speak with the Texas Secretary of State's Elections Department as soon as possible to verify the signatures and filing window. 3) Submit the Declaration of Intent to Run within 108-78 days prior to the primary election and submit the nominating petition and application to the Secretary of State's Office by June 23rd, 2016. If you have any questions please contact the Texas Secretary of State's Office at [email protected] or by phone at (512) 463-5650.

Submit application to:
Texas Secretary of State, 1019 Brazos St., Austin, TX, 78701, US